CDI Quality Institute | Chief Clinical Officer

Meet Our Chief Clinical Officer

Thomas J. Gilbert, Jr., MD, MPP

Chief Clinical Officer, Spine, Musculoskeletal & Pain Management Radiologist


In January 2013, Thomas Gilbert, Jr., MD, MPP, was named Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) for RAYUS. As CCO he oversees quality initiatives for the organization’s national federation of radiologist partners and affiliates, and he provides a clinical perspective regarding the operational needs of the organization. Working with the RAYUS Quality Institute team he has initiated comparable quality metrics to demonstrate the value of RAYUS’s model.

Dr. Gilbert leads the RAYUS Quality Institute’s efforts to develop clinical practice guidelines, patient care pathways and patient safety guidelines. He serves as the chairman of the Provider Led Entity (PLE) Multidisciplinary Committee which develops appropriate use criteria (AUC) for Medicare. In the past, Dr. Gilbert has served with other groups to develop appropriateness guidelines and quality metrics in radiology. He has worked with the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement’s (ICSI) as a low back pain expert on behalf of RAYUS, and has served on the North American Spine Society (NASS) guidelines committee.

Dr. Gilbert also works as a radiologist in RAYUS’s Twin Cities market with an active practice in spine radiology, musculoskeletal radiology and pain management.

To learn more about Dr. Gilbert’s background and affiliations visit his complete biography.