radiologist and tech performing kyphoplasty
radiologist and tech performing kyphoplasty

The RAYUS Quality Institute

Founded in 2003, the RAYUS Quality Institute defines and pursues quality measures in radiology (or medical imaging) and related service lines. Our goal is to better define quality of care for our customers in a way that is measurable, comparable and makes sense to them.


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Excellence in Patient Care Starts Here

The RAYUS Quality Institute is a non-profit organization directly affiliated with RAYUS and its partners.  It is governed by the RAYUS Council of Medical Directors and is devoted to achieving and promoting excellence in patient care through the sharing of best practices.  So when we see excellent results providing clinical services one way, we ask how to apply that information to improve other areas of patient care.

As we strive toward developing and maintaining best practice medical imaging and excellence, there are three main areas we focus on:

  • Consistency of quality among all our physicians and their clinical teams
  • Seeking solutions to keep healthcare accessible and affordable
  • Maintaining patient-focus despite changes in health care

To the patients we care for, this translates to: The right exam, at the right time, done right.

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Programs and Initiatives

The RAYUS Quality Institute creates programs that benefit physicians and patients in our communities.

Our Focus

radiologist looking at scan rayus radiology

Provider Led Entity

As a Provider Led Entity, the RAYUS Quality Institute is helping ensure patients receive the right exam.

Provider Led Entity

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Meet Our Chief Clinical Officer

In January 2013, Thomas Gilbert, Jr., MD, MPP, was named Chief Clinical Officer for RAYUS, overseeing quality initiatives for the organization’s national federation of radiologist partners and affiliates.

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RAYUS is a national network of partners, centers and physicians, with more than 130 centers in 22 states, and a mobile imaging division with a presence across the United States and Canada. RAYUS partners with radiologists, physicians and hospitals to assess, organize and more effectively operate high-quality, high-value radiology and related services.

RAYUS and our affiliated partners are continually innovating to find new and better ways to maintain our foundation of patient-focused health care.  We welcome patients, their doctors, and other community partners in this journey.

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