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Our team is made up of over 3,000 team members across the country who work together for one purpose, to provide the answers that patients need in order to make decisions about their health.

Get to know a few of our team members and find out what they love about their roles and how they are living our values to provide answers that transform lives every day:

Latisha R., Lead Front Office Associate – Winter Park, FL

Why did you join RAYUS and what keeps you here?

My main attraction to RAYUS was the unique opportunity it allowed me to participate in many different aspects of healthcare.  I have been encouraged, trained and allowed to work in multiple positions.  Those experiences aid me in understanding the total workflow from marketing, scheduling, registration, exam completion, image interpretation by the Radiologist to the delivery of information to both the provider and the patient.  I love the variety of opportunities to serve.

What do you love about your role?

There are no two days alike. Each day brings new patients, each with their own unique story. I love the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to customize the experience of each patient I encounter.

What’s the most important thing someone should know before joining our company?

This is an organization that will require use of your full skill set, compassion for your work as well as a dedication to creating new and innovative ideas to meet the needs of our customers.  This is not an organization for the uninspired.


Maha Y., Chief Technologist, Mobile Division

Why did you join RAYUS and what keeps you here?
I joined the company believing it’s a company that puts patients’ needs first. Also, the company has allowed me to grow and develop my skills under the supervision of great managers.

Describe a typical day in your position.
Patient care is my number one concern. I tend to my patent as if it was my own personal family member. Once the patients are taken care of, I typically assist with related tasks such as documents, staff requests, ordering supplies and, being that I am the chief tech, I am on hand ready to assist staff, patients and customers with their concerns and needs.

How do you carry out RAYUS’s values and vision in your day to day work?
Patent care is my number one priority, and I am proud of the help that I have been able to contribute to the patients over my career. My drive, excellence and integrity shows in my work. I can proudly admit that I enjoy doing this job and will continue to provide the absolute best for many years to come.

What’s the most important thing someone should know before joining our company?
The company is an absolutely wonderful workplace to consider your work career and second family. We have a core set of values that makes this a professional company to work for. Everyone strives to be the best in the company and through the energy and drive that each employee provides, our success gets to be that much higher. I’m proud to be a RAYUS employee and more than willing to help contribute to our success.

Shady T., Sr. Director, IT Operations, St. Louis Park, MN

Why did you join RAYUS and what keeps you here?
RAYUS’s reputation was certainly a major factor for joining the company. RAYUS has a long history of quality and innovation in the industry. I consider myself to be an innovator and I love working for an organization that is leading the future of the industry. The job also was in alignment with my career goals. RAYUS’s experience through its values, aligns with my own personal values and that is what keeps me going. I have a good relationships with my leadership team. I feel appreciated and valued and I feel that my talent and skills are being fully utilized. I have some of the most talented people in the industry on my team and we can make things happen.

What do you love about your role?
I love the people I work with; they are practically my family. I love being part of something larger that makes a difference. I love that my job challenges me every day in different ways. I love having the freedom to create out of box solutions to serve our customers. In Business Process and Technology, we champion out of box ideas.

What is challenging about your role?
I like challenges and I am continuously challenged here at my job, never a dull moment. I have few prominent challenges that keeps me busy:

– Delivering world class IT support while maintaining high customer satisfaction
– Delivering projects on time and under budget while dealing with technical challenges along the way
– Making sure our infrastructure is up 99% of the time
– Creating and delivering cost effective enterprise solutions to our clinics, physicians and partners to streamline their daily workflow
– Acting as a strategic enabler for maintaining and developing our patient care

What excites you about the future here?
Leadership continues to focus on strategic planning and positioning RAYUS as the leader in the industry while maintaining growth.