Bariatric MRI Option Offers More Comfortable Scan

When Debra Beauregard’s doctor told her she needed an MRI to check lesions in her brain, she knew immediately that she didn’t want a traditional scan. She tried one of those years ago and described it as “very bad” and said that it gave her the feeling of being “squished.” Booking her scan at a facility offering a High-field Open MRI machine was a priority. You can watch her story here:

Bariatric Transportation Challenge

Just getting to the MRI appointment can be challenging for some patients. A stroke and Multiple Sclerosis left Debra bedridden so it took an ambulance and stretcher carried by two strong men just to reach the RAYUS center in Chelmsford, MA. It wasn’t an easy trip. But once she was brought in and got to meet her MRI Technologist Melissa West, Debra relaxed. Melissa reassured her that she was in good hands.

High-field Open MRI Design Advantage

Bariatric patients seek out the High-field Open MRI machine like the one at RAYUS in Chelmsford, MA. Exams like Debra’s are not unusual. “We typically see someone of Debra’s size quite often here,” Melissa explained after she helped her through the series of scans. The weight limit of the MRI machine’s table is 660 pounds so RAYUS can accommodate many patients. The machine is also designed with no sides and offers a 270-degree view, making it more comfortable for larger patients or anyone with feelings of claustrophobia. To find out more about the High-field Open MRI experience click here.

Debra, who has had a traditional or tube-shaped MRI scan, said the High-field Open MRI was a much better experience. “I feel like there’s air around. I’m not closed in tight and they can see if anything’s wrong with me.”

After the scans were complete, Debra thanked Melissa for her calming presence. Melissa said that’s the best part of her job. “You feel like you’re going through it with the patient and it’s a huge accomplishment when it’s done. You know that you did right by the patient and that you were there with them, getting them through the test. It feels really good.”

If you’re worried about an upcoming MRI appointment, here are some ways to help yourself get through the exam.