What to Expect from your Open Upright MRI Exam

If your doctor tells you to get an MRI and you’re feeling nervous, an Open Upright MRI exam might be a good option for you. The machine looks completely different than a traditional MRI scanner, which has a tube or tunnel shape in the middle that you slide into for your scan. With this equipment, you are seated and there’s nothing in front of your face. As MRI technologist Kristin Bast explains, you can actually watch TV while you’re getting scanned. The Open Upright MRI isn’t an option for every type of scan, but if you’re claustrophobic, it is worth asking if it might work for you. And if you’re wondering what to expect from the beginning of your appointment to the end, watch this:

There are also a wide variety of types of machines you may encounter when you walk in the room for your MRI. To see and understand the differences, click here.