What to Expect from your MRI Exam

If you’ve never had an MRI exam, feeling anxious is pretty normal says Andrea Burns, an MRI technologist at RAYUS Radiology. Knowing exactly what to expect can be comforting, and it can help relieve some of those pre-exam jitters. Andrea explains the steps of your visit, from the moment you enter one of our centers to the end of your exam when you are all done and get to go back to your day. It starts with a checklist you’ll be asked to fill out in the waiting area. See exactly what to expect from door-to-door in this video:

Blankets are standard at our centers and at some, you’ll also be offered extra comforts like mirrored glasses that allow you to see out the end of the scanner when you’re inside. Some centers provide aromatherapy patches with soothing scents. And those headphones you’ll have on also play music, so let your technologist know your favorite genre.

Some of our centers also have a variety of MRI scanners that you may see when you walk in the room for your exam. To see and understand the differences, click here.