What to Expect from your 3D Mammogram Exam

If you’ve ever had a 2D mammogram, the 3D experience will come as no surprise. From your side of the exam, very little changes. You’ll notice the machine moving in an arc over you, but otherwise, the process is almost identical to a traditional 2D mammogram. The real difference with 3D (also called tomosythesis) happens behind the scenes. The radiologist gets a much more detailed look at your breast tissue. Priscilla Wallace, MD, a radiologist who looks for breast cancer every day, explains it’s like looking for a black star in the midst of a jumble of letters. To get an idea of what she’s talking about and to find out exactly what to expect from your 3D appointment, watch this:

To find out more about 3D mammography, how to prepare for your exam, and what to expect afterwards, click here.


About Dr. Wallace
Priscilla Wallace, MD is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist at RAYUS Radiology in Oregon. Her areas of interest include breast and women’s imaging and GI diagnostic imaging. Read her full bio here.