What it’s Like to get a Rhizotomy

If you’re suffering from back pain, you should know more about what our doctors call one of the most under-diagnosed causes of pain: Facet Joints. Often patients spend years trying to relieve the pain and find that nothing works. That may because the facet joints are to blame but the root of the problem has been misdiagnosed. A rhizotomy is a treatment for facet joint-related pain that can make a difference.

To find out if a rhizotomy might be an option for you, the first step is to try steroid pain injections. If these injections work to reduce your pain by 80% or more, a rhizotomy procedure could bring you lasting relief. The therapeutic treatment uses radiofrequency to destroy the nerves causing you pain. To find out more about which patients rhizotomy can help and how it works, watch this story:

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