Techs Guide Claustrophobic Patients Through the MRI Experience

The RAYUS Radiology network is national, extending coast to coast. The video below is from a RAYUS center in Massachusetts and brings us the story of Linda Raimondi. Linda, like many patients we see here in the Puget Sound area, had no idea how she was going to make it through her MRI. The thought of the exam was enough to induce a panic attack. Her MRI technologist – the person performing the exam – was crucial in helping her through the MRI experience.

At RAYUS, our technologists are certified in the equipment they operate so you can be assured the exam is performed properly and safely, with the right images to guide your care. Beyond technical ability, our technologists are focused on creating a positive patient experience. They exemplify our core values of accountability, compassion, drive, excellence and integrity.

Whichever RAYUS center you visit, you can be confident that your technologist will be a calming guide helping you successfully complete your imaging exam.