Renovations Complete at RAYUS Radiology – Seattle

CDI Seattle buildingRAYUS Radiology (RAYUS) recently invested in updating its outpatient center in Seattle, located at 115 NE 100th St., Suite 101. The updates blend new technology with more appealing aesthetics to improve the total patient experience.


Remodeled Lobby

Seattle remodeled lobby

As guests enter our lobby and reception area, they are welcomed with warm, comforting colors and a complimentary coffee/tea bar. This new space is a quiet, relaxing place to finalize paperwork or wait while a companion is completing an exam.

Seattle remodeled lobby

Beyond the lobby, the center offers a number of semi-private nooks for patients or their companions to wait if they prefer a space other than the lobby.







Seattle remodeled MRI site

The MRI suite has been completely redone, from the wood-toned floors to the new Siemens Magnetom Avanto. This 1.5T high-field MRI scanner offers excellent image quality with short scan times.

Of comfort to patients who suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia, the scanner allows for nearly all procedures to be performed feet-first.

This new scanner is also more accessible to a wide range of patients because of the low-to-the-floor table position and is able to accommodate our larger patient population, with a table weight limit of 400 lbs.



Seattle remodeled CT Suite

The GE Brightspeed 16-slice CT scanner is a new addition to our center as well. With this more advanced technology, we are now able to offer Heart CT screening exams as well as QCT bone density screening exams, in addition to a wide range of head-to-toe imaging.

This scanner is wrapped into our low-dose program which keeps lowering patient exposure to radiation a top priority for our radiologists and technologists. RAYUS – Puget Sound is 38% below the national average for radiation dose from CT imaging according to the latest data from the American College of Radiology’s Dose Index Registry (reporting dates from 1/15 – 3/15).

RAYUS voluntarily participates in this national registry by submitting doses for every CT exam we perform. It helps us continue to drive down our doses by seeing where we can work to refine protocols and sharing best practices within our national network of imaging centers.


Seattle remodeled CT SuiteIn addition to MRI and CT, RAYUS – Seattle offers X-ray, ultrasound and diagnostic and therapeutic injections for pain.

Centers hours are Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

To schedule an exam at RAYUS, call 425.291.8352.