Finding Relief with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

Kathleen is very active and loves to travel, so when the pain in her back began to impact her life, she knew she needed to seek help.

The pain started back in 2019 as a persistent pinched-nerve sensation in her lower back with pain that ran down the back of her legs. Over time, it became so unbearable that Kathleen could no longer sit down. “I was about to go on a 13-hour plane ride and knew I needed some relief,” says Kathleen.  So she went to the local urgent care where they gave her three doses of cortisone to help her get through the trip. By the time she returned home from vacation, the cortisone was no longer providing relief and Kathleen knew she needed to find another option. That’s when she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Shane Rose at RAYUS Radiology (RAYUS).

As part of her consultation, Dr. Rose scheduled Kathleen for an MRI to assist in diagnosing the source of her pain and determine her treatment plan. The MRI results and thorough physical exam showed Kathleen had advanced degenerative disc disease, early facet arthritis and ligament edema. This means the discs between the vertebrae in her spine, the joints in her back and the ligaments holding everything together were breaking down faster than expected, causing her pain. Based on her age, symptoms and MRI results, Dr. Rose felt Kathleen was a strong candidate for PRP injections. This non-surgical treatment option uses a patients’ own concentrated platelets and growth factors and precisely injects into the injury site to stimulate healing and regeneration.

On the day of her PRP injection, Kathleen knew she was in good hands. “The staff was so nice and professional; I didn’t feel a thing.” Her procedure was done in RAYUS’s outpatient clinic and she was able to go home the same day, with follow-up and check-in calls from the nurses at RAYUS.

“Within two days the pain was getting better, and now I live 98% pain free,” says Kathleen who has returned to her active lifestyle.

Kathleen’s advice, “If you are a candidate, do your research and give it a try. It is a great alternative to surgery and requires no physical therapy.”

If you have symptoms like Kathleen’s, find out if a regenerative medicine procedure at RAYUS is right for you. Schedule a consultation in Indiana by calling 317-569-5755 or request a consultation online through the form below.

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