Finding Relief from Painful Varicose Veins

Patient Story: Varicose Veins - Kathy

Kathy Neu took her granddaughter on a trip to Alaska and when she came back she was in so much pain that she lived on Advil, Tylenol and aspirin.

Kathy thought that old age was causing the pain and the blue, bulging veins in the backs of her legs. “I thought it was a vanity thing. When you’re old you’re going to have veins popping out the back of your leg. I thought I was being vain by not wanting them,” says Kathy. But after a visit to RAYUS Vascular Care, she discovered that her varicose veins were also to blame for her painful legs.

Kathy’s consultation and ultrasound revealed that the achiness, heaviness and fatigue that she was feeling were all related to her blood not flowing as it should. Her doctor explained that when veins do not function correctly, it is often because the valves are damaged and/or a vein is blocked. When the blood is not able to exit the legs properly, there is increased pressure within the vein walls due to the pooling of blood which eventually leads to the formation of varicose veins. Doctors call veins that are working improperly insufficient and may say you have “venous insufficiency.”

Kathy thought if the treatment could make the pain go away then it would be worth it. So, she had a minimally-invasive procedure to fix the veins that weren’t functioning appropriately. This 30-minute procedure was done in RAYUS Vascular Care’s outpatient clinic. And, Kathy was able to go home the same day.

“It was instantaneous. There’s no more pain standing up. There’s no more pain walking,” says Kathy,

“So, I went out and got a big black Labrador retriever puppy so I could walk him.”

If you have symptoms like Kathy’s, find out if varicose vein treatment at RAYUS Vascular Care is right for you. Schedule a free vein screening by calling 952-738-4477 or request a screening.