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Vascular Access

Central venous access is helpful for frequent blood draws or the administration of some medications and/or nutrients. Formerly available only in a hospital setting, we provide access to these advanced procedures in a more comfortable outpatient setting.

Central Lines

With the use of advanced imaging technologies including ultrasound and real-time X-ray, we place a central line beneath your skin and into your vein allowing for a simple, effective, pain-free way to draw your blood.  Central access allows for the medication to be given without harming the vein. Common central lines are called PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) lines, CVAC (central venous access catheter), and tunneled and non-tunneled lines.

Central lines are often recommended for patients who regularly have:

  • Chemotherapy treatments for oncology patients
  • Infusions of antibiotics or other medications
  • Nutritional supplements

Chest and Arm Ports

We use advanced imaging technologies including ultrasound and real-time X-ray to safely and accurately place long-term venous access ports. Chest and arm ports, or subcutaneous ports, are implantable devices. These devices can be placed underneath the skin for long-term, intermittent venous access.

What To Expect

Once we work with you to determine a treatment plan, one of our vascular staff or interventional radiologists will review any pre- and post-instructions for your procedure. You will be walked through your procedure so you know exactly what to expect.  We want you to feel informed every step of the way so if you have questions, at any time, please ask.

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Find Vascular Access services near you.

Find Vascular Access services near you.