What is OEM-certified and OEM-serviced?

There are a lot of factors to consider when leasing mobile imaging equipment. Two important ones pertain to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) status: Is the equipment OEM-certified? Is the equipment OEM-serviced? Both are important to help ensure the equipment is operating at its optimal level.

OEM-certified equipment

When equipment is originally purchased from the manufacturer, it is OEM-certified. If parts need to be replaced, they can be ordered through the OEM, or they can be purchased by a third-party manufacturer. The OEM parts are factory-approved keeping the equipment certified and FDA-approved. If parts are replaced with a different company’s alternative, the equipment is no longer considered FDA-approved.

At Insight Imaging, we only use factory-approved parts purchased directly from the OEM. Our customers find great value in using imaging equipment with parts they know will perform correctly and remain FDA-approved.

OEM-serviced equipment

OEM servicing means all preventative maintenance and repairs are handled by OEM-trained technicians from the company that designed and built the system. Equipment being serviced by trained, manufacturer technicians ensures it remains certified.

Insight Imaging is dedicated to providing excellent, state-of-the-art equipment to our customers, so we utilize full-service contracts with our OEMs that cover all equipment maintenance and inspection needs for a specified period of time. Our contracts eliminate the cost uncertainty that goes along with time and material agreements, and they ensure that all necessary servicing and maintenance is performed solely by OEM-trained technicians.

Why is this important to you?

With the full-service contract, mobile imaging equipment inspections are completed by a trained professional to ensure the equipment is consistently safe and has up-to-date software that delivers high-quality images.

OEMs designate some companies as preferred providers for their mobile imaging equipment, which means a quick turnaround time on parts and service ensuring downtime is minimized and diagnostic imaging time is maximized. RAYUS Radiology is proud to be a preferred provider for two of the leading OEMs—GE and Siemens.