For more than 30 years, we have brought full service mobile diagnostic imaging and staffing solutions to hospitals, clinics, and health care organizations. Today, we provide short and long-term Partnership Solutions in 50 states and Canada. Our transformation to RAYUS Radiology will shine a light on our brilliant medicine, brilliant team, brilliant technology, and services.

You can count on RAYUS Radiology for:

  • Short- and long-term solutions that help busy, evolving imaging departments find greater efficiency and profitability
  • A large, reliable mobile fleet with FDA-approved, OEM-certified coaches and equipment
  • Customized support services to meet any need or budget
  • Quality, access, dedicated and caring service, and value recognized by more than 300 health care facilities across the country


Always on radiology coverage providing optimized onsite and remote subspecialty radiology for academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks and community hospitals.

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We started working with Insight Imaging after our previous PET/CT provider made a decision to no longer serve western New York. Insight Imaging was very helpful as we made this change to a new mobile provider. They are more consistently solid, and the techs know exactly what they are doing.

– Chief of Radiology, New York medical center

We had been with other mobile MRI vendors previously, and Insight Imaging has exceeded the performance of those other services. If we weren’t able to provide MRI service, our patients would have to travel 45 minutes for this service. With Insight’s help, we get the MRI exams, serve our patients, and retain their loyalty to our local hospital.

– Radiology manager, southeast Texas medical center

RAYUS is easy to work with, and we have a good relationship with the manager. When we want to add something new they’ve been very helpful in lining up training.

– Radiology director, Mississippi health care system

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Mobile MRI, PET/CT and CT solutions

When you’re upgrading, replacing, expanding or extending your diagnostic imaging service lines, RAYUS Radiology offers a comprehensive continuum of high-quality, high-value MRI, PET/CT or CT solutions customized to meet your needs.

Whether you need parked or routed, staffed or unstaffed, we’ll work with you to design a fully customized program that’s right for your needs and budget.

Best of all, our solutions can adapt to your changing needs — with fixed site, modular options, wholesale and joint partnerships, and more. We have the unique ability to grow with you to develop high-quality, high-value solutions that extend and expand your imaging service lines.

RAYUS Radiology delivers proven, accredited standards for quality plus the highest level of commitment to clinical excellence to ensure every imaging solution is versatile and reliable.

Our skilled professionals oversee equipment maintenance and quality-control programs, providing you visibility into operations to ensure the safe and optimal utilization of the equipment.

With one of the largest and most reliable mobile fleets plus OEM-certified equipment, RAYUS Radiology’s solutions are designed to optimize utilization, maximize capacity and deliver profitable returns.

On-time and ready to go

  • Coach and equipment maintenance programs exceed manufacturer requirements
  • Dedicated service team, along with OEM service, to minimize downtime
  • Dependable uptime rates: 99.8% MRI and 96.8% PET/CT (Q1 2016)
  • Preventative maintenance reliably performed during off-hours to minimize service interruptions
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified fleet
  • FDA-approved coaches/scanners eliminate concerns for reimbursement issues when billing
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • 24x7x365 remote monitoring

With a 99% satisfaction rate from customers and patients, RAYUS Radiology has earned a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations when it comes to customer service.

Outstanding customer care and service

  • Operations team supports your radiology workflow and provides recommendations for seamless service integrations
  • Quality Improvement Director continuously monitors our quality and safety
  • We contract with a certified health physicist group to act as our corporate Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to provide third-party oversight to our compliance program
  • Licensed ARRT technologists certified in MRI
  • RAYUS Radiology technologists provide documentation of annual training, competencies, licensure, vaccinations and customer-requested training and compliance

  • Who uses mobile imaging services?

    Organizations may want to consider mobile imaging if they are upgrading, replacing, expanding or extending their diagnostic imaging service lines.

  • What options are there for mobile imaging?

    Options for mobile imaging include parked or routed, staffed or unstaffed, fixed or modular, and wholesale or joint partnerships. We work with each organization to design a fully customized program that’s right for their needs and budget.

  • How do I begin site planning for a mobile unit?

    Important parts of our service happen long before a coach is delivered. We have the expertise to help you with site planning. We’ll provide detailed information about the site, electrical and communications requirements for your mobile unit – all free of charge. Up front site planning is key to quick and efficient coach set-up and reliable performance.

  • What is the patient experience like on a mobile unit?

    We make sure our patients feel confident by letting them know what is going to happen throughout the entire process. We take the time to address their concerns or pause a scan if they need a break. Our coaches and equipment are impeccably maintained and COVID-cleaned according to CDC guidelines. Our job is to make sure each patient feels safe and cared for – and that we’re doing everything we can to capture clear images, so the radiologist and their doctor can determine the best treatment and care plan for them.

  • What differentiates mobile imaging companies?

    Several factors set RAYUS Radiology apart from competitors. It starts with units that are FDA approved, impeccably maintained and cleaned, and maintained by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) so that downtime is minimal. It’s about having the best fleet team in the industry to deliver those units on time, every time. It’s also about having advanced scanners, loaded with the latest software and technology and having strict safety protocols. Most importantly, it’s about having attentive, high-quality staff who are experienced, trained and licensed.

  • Why is FDA approval important?

    Federal government regulations specify that medical devices that are not FDA approved may not routinely be used to clinically diagnose or treat patients. This is not a problem for RAYUS Radiology because we do not use after-market or third party components. However, it can be a problem for the growing number of mobile service providers that utilize non-OEM service companies.  If the original FDA approved configuration of the equipment is changed, its original FDA approval may be voided, and legal or regulatory repercussions are possible.

  • How is quality measured in mobile imaging?

    Our quality is measured through certification by organizations like The Joint Commission, The American College of Radiology and The Department of Transportation. By doing so, we can ensure that the images from our mobile scanners are diagnostic quality. Quality is also measured by our outcomes, and by strong partnerships with imaging equipment manufacturers. For more than a decade, we have had an on-time delivery rate of 99.9%, with more than 8,000 deliveries over 1.7 million miles per year. And we are preferred mobile imaging providers for two of the leading OEMs, GE and Siemens.

  • Is mobile imaging reliable?

    Mobile imaging is reliable. Each coach manufacturer has site requirements, so the coach is set up and the imager can perform as designed. Insight Imaging has the best fleet team in the industry. For more than 10 years, we have had an on-time delivery rate 99.9%.  Our Transportation Maintenance Coordinators manage the preventative and corrective maintenance programs on the coaches that meet or exceed manufacture requirements. We only use OEM certified coaches, and OEM certified mobile products installed in the coaches mean our clients avoid loss of revenue because of quick turnaround time on parts and services. Our units are monitored remotely, 24 hours a day. Repairs are handled by trained, specialized technicians from the company that designed the system. We also can work with you to get a severe weather plan in place to ensure the safety of your patients and staff. Whether you experience blizzards or hurricanes, we can partner with you to keep meeting your patients’ needs in the case of a natural disaster, and minimize downtime.

  • What are benefits of mobile imaging?

    Mobile imaging can help with the adoption and integration of new technology that often comes with high initial investments of time and money. It can also meet high patient demand, or provide a transitional imaging solution while construction of an organization’s own imaging facilities is underway. There is no equipment overhead, no training time and no space requirements. This means that mobile imaging can be integrated into existing services nearly seamlessly.

  • What equipment is used in mobile imaging? Is the equipment used in mobile imaging as good as the equipment used in a hospital?

    Yes. We only use FDA approved and OEM certified coaches. With an original equipment manufacturer certification, we know that all of our units meet the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures we’re providing safe, top quality exams for patients. Additionally, our fleet team performs frequent inspections, and we proactively conduct safety audits, re-calibrate our systems and perform quality assurance measures after every move. We also maintain the latest software and use imaging protocols based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • What is the best staffing option with mobile imaging?

    At RAYUS Radiology, we can bring in our highly-trained technologists, train the facility’s technologists on-staff or work within a shared staffing arrangement. If you use RAYUS Radiology’s staff, we make sure the technologist is seen as an extension of your practice to maintain continuity of care for your patients and integrate seamlessly with your local care teams.

  • What training foes your staff receive?

    Our technologists have the expertise to follow protocols for scanners based on the manufacturer’s specifications and within your radiologists’ preferences. Our MRI technologists are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Our PET/CT technologists are certified Nuclear Medicine Technologists (CNMT), many with PET-specific certifications. To ensure patient safety, our technologists participate in OSHA and HIPAA compliance trainings, and have advanced certifications for the equipment they operate.

  • What are the upfront costs for mobile imaging?

    There should be no, or very low, upfront costs for mobile imaging. The purpose of mobile imaging is to provide a healthcare provider with an imaging solution without the initial capital and overhead expenditures. The provider you choose should be responsible for the credentialing, accreditation, equipment, staffing, supplies, HIPAA compliance, billing and coding support. RAYUS Radiology’s service starts long before a coach is delivered. We have the expertise to help you with site provide site planning free of charge, including detailed information about the site, electrical and communications requirements for your mobile unit.

  • How much does mobile imaging cost?

    Price is a factor when investing in a product or service, but it’s not the only one. When it comes to advanced diagnostic imaging, patient care and clinical outcomes aren’t the place to cut corners. At RAYUS Radiology, we look at value, which goes beyond the cost of the scan to encompass a complete experience. Value can be measured by the reliability of the equipment, the image quality of the scan, low insurance denial and appointment cancellation rates, and how the operations team helps you understand and pass regulatory compliance requirements.

  • What sets your scheduling team apart from competitors?

    Our centralized scheduling center goes beyond scheduling, to ensure each exam is indicated, that patients understand their preparation requirements, and schedules are optimized. Our scheduling and clinical appropriateness teams manage over 9,000 diagnostic imaging calls per month.

  • What sets your clinical appropriateness team apart from competitors?

    Clinical appropriateness is handled by registered nurses who are able to determine if each patient is receiving the correct exam based on medical necessity requirements. These nurses also conduct patient pre-screening calls and provide clear preparation instructions. All of this helps limit no-shows and cancellations. As a result, customers who use our scheduling service experience lower denial rates and lower cancellation rates than customers who do their own in-house scheduling.

  • What additional services are provided?

    RAYUS Radiology helps you build and grow a successful imaging service for your community at every turn. Our operations teams are available on-site and involved in the details of meeting your unique imaging needs. We perform regular business reviews to provide you documentation of all services performed, including the number of patients scanned, the types of procedures, the doctors who are referring, the available open times and more. We also help our partners build their imaging business through marketing and education support for referring physicians.

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